Please join us for conversation and fellowship while we continue the 10 week journey written by Donna Partow titled “Becoming a Vessel God Can Use”.

Read more about Donna Partow’s book below:

If you want know-how from an adoring mother who never raises her voice, has perfectly disciplined children, and
maintains a spotlessly clean house—I mean a woman whose domestic skills put Martha Stewart to shame …

If you want to read words of wisdom from a woman with color-coded closets, who not only makes her own clothes but
gives fabulous handmade gifts for every occasion; a woman who rises at the crack of dawn, jogs five miles, and
returns home in time to bake bread from scratch—all before her husband leaves for work …

If you want to get the inside track from a woman who is universally adored and admired by everyone who meets her …

If you want to follow in the footsteps of a woman who has conducted neighborhood Bible studies for twenty-five years
and led 400 women to Christ …

Quick, do not delay! Put this book down immediately! You must have me confused with some other Christian author!

If, on the other hand, you’re willing to read a book written by a woman who has been known to blow it big time, a
woman who, by Total Woman standards, would have to be labeled 2%. If you’re willing to spend some time with a
woman known to leave her dishes unwashed for several days, and who, even as she writes these words, is watching
her five-year-old daughter clean the windows with furniture polish, then pour yourself a cup of coffee and take a seat.
We’re about to begin an exciting journey together.

This book is not about becoming like me. It’s not about how I’ve got it all figured out and now I can impart to you the
“Ten Surefire Steps to Super-Spirituality.” I did not write this book because I con-

sider myself a shining example of a vessel God can use—far from it. I wrote this book because becoming a vessel
God can use has been a far more difficult and personally painful journey than I ever imagined possible, and I want to
minister out of that pain. I want to comfort you with the comfort I have received.

The exciting truth I want you to grab hold of is this: God can use imperfect vessels like you and me. In fact, he often
delights in choosing the most unlikely people to accomplish his purposes in this world. Everyone around you may
consider you the least likely job candidate, but fortunately, God works as his own employment recruiter! No matter
who you are, if you will yield your life to God, you can become a vessel God can use.