Pastor Ken Young begins a new series on Following the Will of God. The first step, Laying Aside Every Sin and Weight.

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11-29-2015 Laying Aside Every Sin and Weight

12-6-2015 Filled with the Holy Spirit – Today we learn how being Filled with the Holy Spirit helps you follow the will of God.

12-13-2015 God’s Pursuit – As we continue in the series Following the Will of God, we learn about God’s Pursuit.

12-27-2015 Taking Up Your Cross – This week in Following the Will of God, we learn that there is a cost to following God’s plan for our lives.  It’s time to discuss Taking Up Your Cross.

01-03-2016 The Candle of the Lord – The greatest revival that the Church is seeing isn’t happening (for the most part) in the “first world nations” but rather in the third world nations, more specifically…the Islam-dominated countries.  Why?  Join us as we get to the HEART of the matter; and no…we’re not talking about your blood pump.

1-10-2016 The Candle of the Lord, part 2